Minelab Manticore Is Beyond

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Minelab is telling us with this new detector called Manticore is more than  a step beyond what we’ve ever seen in a detector before.

 I wish I had the knowledge to transfer all the information relating to this new detector that not in the distance future we will have.

 I do know it will have more to offer than any coin detector made by Minelab ever before.

 So many Minelab dealers are putting names on a list to be many of the first to receive the Manticore.

 You have a great dealer here and remember Minelab was the first to offer Vets 15% discount off their detectors.


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The Manticore has been selling fast as a coin and relic machine . It’s the high end of the other coin detectors .

 Everyone who has one have been waiting on other coils. Well your wait is over being Minelab has came out with two new coils for the Manticore. The first is the M8 it’s a 8 X 5.5 and you have the M15 it’s a 15 X 12 .

 You won’t see a price on either because Minelab hasn’t posted it yet.

 That M8 should be great for high trash areas and nugget hunting. If you got access to a beach then the M15 is the coil for you.


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