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Has anyone watched any of the following shows on the Outdoor channel?

Prospecting America

Gold Prospecting

Gold Fever

Gold Prospecting w/ G. Massie

Buzzardite Classics

Please vote for Prospecting at the Outdoor channel. Currently only 2.7% of viewers voted for prospecting. See bottom of the page


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Guest Bandana Don

Paul I do not get that channel on Direct TV but doubt I'd give it much viewing time if the channel was availableto me. Got burned with the poop Buzzard use do... it was so damned staged it stunk to high heaven. Gotta admit it though Old Buzzard was a real promoter and not as dumb as he pretended to be on his shows.


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Awe, me and friends used to love watching buzzard. Actually I only saw maybe 10 of them. Although he's not host of all 5 of those tv programs. You mean staged as in he was only show the good finds? Probably, that's tv for you. He once show on his show all of his gold that he decided to keep in his life. Geez, what a truck load. He said it was worth millions. So you know he's gotta be doing something right, no?


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  • Admin

Hello Paul,

I used to watch the old GPAA shows every Saturday. However, like some mentioned the staging seemed to get too fake and most lost interests in the shows. George "The Buzzard" Massie was one hell of a promoter, but he also knew more about mining than most.

I believe you have to have the Outdoor Channel to view the shows anymore. I have Direct TV Satellite, but don't have the Outdoor Channel. I think you have to place that station separately if you want to see it.

Thanks for posting,

Rob Allison

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  • 4 years later...

Well on the topic of TV shows about prospecting for GOLD I dont know of any other shows except the outdoor channel programs. I for one would like too see a lot more of them. I think the Buzzard did a pretty good job. I felt he was trying to share with us some of the things he learned about prospecting to aid us who wanted to learn from someone who new more than we do. Ya know Finding Gold isant easy . It takes a lot of patiences and the ability to learn from others. Some of the people that poo poo the efforts of others to teach those that dont know as much could proubly use some of this :spank: I appreciate the things I have learned by their effort. I do believe some people are getting the wrong impression by what they see on the gold shows. To me its understandable that in order to explain what to do in finding gold they have to show you what your looking for. Maybe its made to look easier than it is to some people I don't know. Nothing worth while is easy, at least it never has been for me. I hope the ones that are discouraged by the shows will watch them for what they can learn.If I were going to tell anyone about finding gold I would tell them to go out where they are finding gold and talk to as many people as you can. I do this and find people to be very helpful. I hope I never quit learning. If there finding gold by what there doing (DO WHAT THERE DOING) Ask Talk Learn I only say this because I do this myself.

Im a one finger typist so this is not easy for me I hope you find Gold and a lot of nice people later, Nugget Man

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