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Just received my bonus check and set a little bit aside for myself...$1500. So my big question is.....and yes I know there are lot of variables..but, I have seen used GP 3000's on ebay for about $2000 and 2200d's for a little less than that.

What are the biggest advantages of the GP 3000 over the 2200d?

Also I keep seeing info regarding the x70...and yes I understand this a VLF machine. However, what are your thoughts as a nugget finder?

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Dear goforgold;

I have a GP3000 and I love it! It's a great detector and I'm glad that I purchased it(from Rob Allison, btw). I also have a White's GMT (also purchased from Rob Allison) and it is a fantastic little gold finder too, although it's applications are very limited. I also have just ordered an SD2100 (from yep, you guessed it, Rob Allison!) and looking back over the last couple of years, I probably should have gotten the SD2100 first, then upgraded to the GP series as my experience level rose. The SD2100 is a bare bones, easy to operate machine that will handle some very nasty mineralization. There are really no great advantages of having an SD2200 over an SD2100, IMHO. The SD2200 is auto balancing which sucks in highly variable ground. Also, the iron discrimination mode is horrible too. IMHO, I would NOT purchase a used Minelab detector from anybody UNLESS it was from a very reputable dealer (such as Rob Allison). My humble advice to you would be to consider purchasing a new SD2100 from a reputable source (such as Rob Allison). The advantages to buying an SD2100 are obvious. First, the re-sale value of the SD2100 is better than any other Minelab PI machine, IMHO and this includes the GP3500. Next, it is so easy and simple to use that you can be off and running with very little practice. Next, it uses the exact same coils and accessories as the more expensive Minelabs so every accessory that you purchase for the SD2100 can also be saved and utilized for a more expensive Minelab machine in the future, should you ever decide to upgrade (upgrade is a relative term here). I would also stay away from a VLF detector as a primary gold hunting machine as the depth of these detectors is very shallow and when the mineralization gets bad it simply can't punch down deep down to find gold. I hope this helps you.

Your friend;


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  • Admin

Hello Gary,

Lamar pretty much covered it all. You have to be careful about used detectors on Ebay and such. Not really a big deal if you purchase a $200 unit and it don't work, you're out $200. However, you purchase a $2,000 used unit, you receive it and it don't work, now you're in trouble. There are tons of good deals on the net, but make sure you know what you're getting.

One of the biggest advantages of the GP series over the SD's if the fact they find much smaller gold, and smaller gold at depth over the SD's. Minelab stated when the GP Extreme was released it would get 55% more depth on smaller gold and 18% more depth on larger gold over the SD series. I know the GP's will find smaller gold much deeper and maybe a slight edge on deeper stuff also. Keep in mind, most of the gold is small, so the GP's really excel.

If you purchase new you do get the 2-year factory warranty and maybe even the 2-year extended warranty. :D I can get you into a new SD2100v2 for $1,695.00 and that would include FREE UPS Ground Shipping and Full Insurance and the Extended 2-year warranty. I would probably even toss a few smaller accessories in to sweeten up the package. :o

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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