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For all of you out there who have had the experience of Selling your Gold in the past, I'm sure some of us (myself included) would like to get some Advise / Recommendations regarding this ? ?

---What is the most profitable way to do it? What is the easiest way to do it ? ? And what does everyone Recommend, based on their own experience ? ?

---Is it better to sell nuggets individually (...if so, how do you establish a price on them?),.....or is it better to melt everything down and sell in bulk ? ?

---Is it better to sell to large Gold buyers (on-line) ? ?...or to small jewlers locally,.......or where would anyone Recommend selling? ? ? <_< ......Gary

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Hello Gary,

I never sold a bunch of gold, but I think the best ways would be on the Internet. You have online auction sites such as Ebay.com and Goldbay.com. You also have all the Internet gold forums that have classified forums.

I wouldn't sell any nuggets to the refineries since they won't give nugget value. You would probably get a percentage of what spot price is during the sale.

I would seek out jewelers and gold collectors if all possible. At spot price ($700/ounce) a Gram of nugget gold is roughly $22.50/Gram. That is just the spot price of gold, not really the nugget value of them.

However, keep in mind you can name your price, but until you get the money in your hands the nugget value is "What you can get!"

If I had an average looking one-ounce solid gold nugget I would probably let it go for about $750.00. This would be $50 over spot price and would make up for the nugget value and rarity of the nugget due to its size. Other might let the same nugget go for $600, while others would part with it for no less than $1,000.

Hopefully I'm not talking in riddles ... I'm extremely tired. :rolleyes:

Rob Allison

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"Thanks" for the experience-backed-advise Rob,......Not that I have so much gold to sell, but now that I have finally got the hang-of swing'n this electronic-pulse-induced "swing-ee-thing", and am starting to finally find more than the ordinary-trash with it, things are looking up a bit...........Gary

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