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I had a friend in college who's last name is Flugar! I guess if he had children they would be called Flugarites! :) does that count ?

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Hey Scorpion,

Thats good, I like it. Sounds like something that Flakmagnet would come up with. :lol::rolleyes:

Ridge Runner,

Thats fairly close, however there are several vairous kinds of them.

There are some for sale over on E-bay, that will give you an idea.


Give it a shot with Dogpile, that will take you to several sites with Fulgurites, also with pictures and some prices that they sell for.

May want to try

Bob T.

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While working for a local construction company I was called to dig out a power pole that had been hit by lightining. Where the current went into the groung it had turned the soil and sand into bubbly green glass, and the pieces of sandstone were a white chalky stuff.

as the current went deeper into the groung it forked of into several different branches. Just like the roots on a tree.

It was pretty weird stuff. I should still have some of it around here some where.

Later, Treetop

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