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Hello D Dog (Jerry),

Thanks for joining the Forums. :P Any chance you could tell us a bit more about yourself (prospecting experience) and what detector(s) you're using?

You're always welcome to post, ask questions or whatever, so don't hold out on us! ;)

Thanks for joining and hope to see you posting more in the future.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Sorry about the test Thanks for the welcome. Been metal detecting for a couple of yrs. now. still a gold virgin. Use a lobo super trac. will upgrade to minelab one day. Working 7 days a week sucks. Met you once last year at phx gpaa meeting, you gave a lecture. I got a j straight's Follow the drywashers from ya. 4 yrs till I retire hopefully.Live in phx. Hope to see ya in the hills one day. hobbys , hunt, fish, look for gold,atv's,mountain biking,no time, did I mention working 7 days a week sucks.Later jerry l

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Hello D Dog,

  Test is working!  :wacko:  Are you testing to see how fast I can reply back?  :rolleyes:

Hehe ...

Rob Allison

Welcome aboard D Dog. I do agree with you, working 7 days a week sucks. The last 4 years of my employment with Verizon was like that. Retired now and just playing in the dirt. I drywash a lot and use a Gold Bug 2 for scaning bedrock and tailings.


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