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Hello all. Wanted to introduce myself and say hey. I just moved from Ohio to Pahrump, NV to help care for my elderly Mother and Father. As we sat in the shade reminiscing old times, mom and dad talked about the days they traveled, panned, used the dredge and found gold nuggets. After our chat mom hands me a gold bug detector and goes into more stories. I'm now practicing in the back yard on trash finds. I've never detected in my life.

I was going to intro myself then ask if anyone in the pahrump, nv area would be willing to help school me on this new adventure and learning expearence and perhaps even take me to an area for learning. Then I read the shooting's post's. Wow, last thing I want to do is roam onto someone's campsite and be shot at.

Anyway, hello to everyone. (pulls the batteries and stores the unit)

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Hello Tadenn,

Thanks for joining the forums and I'm sure others will chime in and give advice/help. Years ago a good friend now passed spent a lot of time around Pahrump, NV searching for nuggets. Since I knew I wasn't going to make it out there I never asked him about locations or how much he was finding. I know it was good enough for him to drive from Central Arizona to Pahrump though.

I used to sell Fisher Metal Detectors, so I know a bit about them. Is yours the orignal Fisher Gold Bug or Fisher Gold Bug2? The Goldbug will be a good starter unit for you.

Practice ground balancing the unit over different types of ground. Play around with the settings and threshold to get the best performance out of the machine on the ground you're working. I would also practice listening to faint targets to get an idea what they sound like. Anyone can hear the easy targets near the surface, but many can't hear the faint whispers that could be nuggets at depth.

With the price of gold now over $700/ounce, you will hear more about claim jumping and shootings. You just have to respect the status the land and mineral claims and find places where you won't get in trouble. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of open BLM land to hunt and you might even consider a prospecting club if one is local of your area.

Good luck with your ventures in Nevada. Feel free to post anytime, there are no dumb questions.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Welcome aboard. I use a Gold Bug 2 for my hunting needs. I mostly use a drywasher to process the material I dig. Just hang out, read the defferent posts and chime in anytime with your questions. We are all willing to help. Travel maybe in issue, with the price of gas the way it is, but there are alot of prospectors close by to your location. I'm in So.Ca. deserts.

Again Welcome.


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Wow, what a warm welcome. Thanks Rob, thank you Bob. It's the original Fisher Gold Bug. Seems to be in very good condition and complete with 1 large coil and 1 smaller coil. Also has the manual and a set of AS 2 Gemini head phones plus a belt for the control housing.

I was playing with it outside just this AM and testing different settings. At one point I cranked up the sens and moved it over an area I had not had any hits on. I heard what sounded more like a Geiger counter sound click, click, click as I passed it over one spot.

I seem to be making my parents happy practicing, I think this is do to the bucket of metal junk wires, old nails, and gazebo stakes lost over the years. ;)

Robert W

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Hello Tadenn,

Sounds like you might have the stock 10-inch elliptical coil and either the smaller 6.5-inch elliptical or larger 14-inch elliptical. The small 6.5-inch is absolutely deadly on small gold.

With a higher sensitivity setting, you will get more depth and sensitivity overall. However, you want to keep the sensitivity as high as possible, in some areas with a lot of mineralization you will have to back it down to operate effectively. You have to find a happy medium between high sensitivity and mineralization present in the ground. In areas with low to moderate mineralization you can run the sensitivity much higher than areas with really bad mineralization.

Some VLF Basic Tips:

** Keep the coil as close as the ground as you can. An inch off the ground means an inch in depth lost.

** VLF detectors are motion type detectors, the faster you swing over a target the louder audio response you will get. Practice this and you will understand what I'm talking about. This won't happen on very faint targets, but stuff closer or near the surface.

** You are less likely to miss a "True Metallic" target by raising the coil over the target a bit vs. Ironstones, Basalts or Mineralization in general. If you place a small ironstone on the ground and a metallic target, you can move further away (higher) from the metallic target than an ironstone. Basically, this means you can null out an ironstone by raising the coil a bit in most causes. This technique must be practiced to master it.

** In areas where you want to increase sensitivity, you can set the Ground Balance a bit "Positive" and get a bit more sensitivity to small gold. This will make the detector a bit noisier, but this technique does work.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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Hello and Good Morning Tadenn!

Welcome to the adventure! This is a great forum and a group of people who enjoy helping and supporting each other! I've enjoyed reading everyone's postings: current and those that are in the archieves! There is a wealth of information here that is hard to find elsewhere unless one has spent years and years of experience! Their willingness to share is very remarkable considering that we all want to locate, keep secret and protect a patch of gold that we can call our very own (I'm still looking for mine!:) ) With that being said, everyone wants to see you do the best you can! We can be opinionated at times about this or that, but that is just a reflection of the strength of character needed to go out and find the yellar stuff! While I haven't met anyone on this forum except for Bob Danise ( a great gold finder) I feel like I have known some for years! As a newbee to nugget hunting myself, everyone's help, advice, and support is FIRST CLASS! And the friendships that I am gaining (even if most are in CyberSpace) are more valuable than gold itself!

Good luck Tandeen and my every day be a golden nugget day either with the yellar stuff and/or a new friend!


Karl Baltz

Spring Texas

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