Just venting ;-(

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Rode in on new Polaris 700 twin quad, only took 1 1/2 hrs compaired to 3 hrs in my truck to drive 17 miles :blink: get to my camp, find that they"someone", on quads stole my bear box's and odd & ends, and made a mess, toilet papered tree's smash dry goods and I had too due clean up, when my plan was to put the 3500 to use :angry: Atleast the dredge is still at home, but just somthing else to worrie about...

I will be up there alot more soon, when Little League is over & school... I'm Full time single parent, little league coach & full time prospector... Just piss's me off why someone would be in such a nice area and just thrash stuff?

:angry: ????

Thanks guy's just venting

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Hi Big Ed,

We used to have a small cabin on a mining claim, had a cast iron stove and a few items left there, so somebody that got in a bad way might be able to get in out of the weather, and have a bite to eat.

We got up to the cabin one time, and found somebody apparently had broke rear window, put a small kid in through it so's he could open the locked BACK door for the bigger folks, and swiped all they could carry away, left the place in a big mess, why, I have no idea.

The funny thing was that the front door couldn't be locked, and had they tried, they could have got in that way...

Go figger..


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Sad, so sad...What's up with some people these days. Too many lawyers protecting the wrong do'ers rights and not enough cases of the situation being taken "care of" by the victims... It's a turnstile justice system! Bad guy gets caught, has his hand slapped by the court system and then released to add to the crime statistics. A good example; they just caught a couple of "taggers" here and they fined them $200, the maximum for criminal property damage...their crime? Spraying painting grafitti on public property to the tune of $200,000 in damages to undo their grafitti. What happened to justice? Or a couple of teenage jokers went into a business district, after hours and smashed the windshields on several business vehicles, stole a brand new truck, abandoned it after doing $20,000 damages to the truck and the worst part was that they were recently caught and released after doing the same crap somewhere else. The police said, "these guys enjoy destroying stuff"...hmmm, I wonder if they'll do this again?

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Hey Ed

I know how you feel. Where I work, I grade beaches and roads nice and smooth for people to enjoy. People come there and do brodies and tear it apart.

We build walkways to the water for handicap people, so they can enjoy the beach and lake water the same as everyone else. You guessed it, they ride their bikes down it, skid, build fires on it and it costs the tax payers lots of money.

We put nice wooden picnic tables on the beaches and islands for familys to picnic and enjoy themselves. They throw the tables in the lake or use them for firewood.

We decided to start using Cement picnic tables instead of wooden ones. They decided to use hammers and rocks on them and break them apart.

This is very fustrating. Due to our Budget, we are very short handed. We are expected to do our normal maintenance work, special project work and everything gets put aside when these jerks do these things.

Today on the way home, I was driving through "Old Shasta" STATE PARK, when I noticed teenagers loading bricks into the back of their car from the buildings that were built in the 1850's! THIS IS A STATE PARK!! HELLO!! I spun around and contacted Law Enforcement who caught them.


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eodseal2000 & Others,


Old Shasta?!Cool Ol GhostTown that is.I used to live in French Gulch and used to drive through that haunt all the time...great summer festivals as well.Lotta history out there thats better left for all of us instead of a couple of greedy ones.That poor Ol girl has a hard enough time holding her own walls up without having some jerks stealing her support out from underneath her.

I got "attacked"(ridiculed,insulted ect.)on a prospecting forum a couple of weeks ago for "trying" to shed some light on a couple of RIP OFFS that are STILL allowed to advertize on the forums.The forum moderator(same as this site) RESPECTFULLY nuked my thread because I upset a few of thier buddys and besides that, jerks were comin out of the woodwork.I will NEVER EVER try to protect or WARN a website again of ANY rip offs anymore after that.(Bill......thanks for YOUR patience in the matter....hats off to ya!)

"No Respect I tell ya" No respect!LOL


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:D Thanks Guy's,

Been up there over the weekend, cold as hell, wind rain and cold. But had fun and never seen or heard another person up there in 4 day's nice;-)

Friday morning got there and left Monday late morning and only seen one bear;-) The dog's keep the bear's out of camp, so keeps me happy...

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Long before any illegal alien was in the area, white people have been trashing historical places. They want yard ornaments, make money selling weathered lumber, antiques and trinkets for ebay or the swap meet, or need something that doesn't cost them more than sweat and gas money.

Many Adam Henry's thinks there's treasure underneath and rip the place apart, or simply the thought of getting something for their garage or next camping spot is enough to encourage a rip off.

They don't know that a cabin in the sticks is a shelter and to replace whatever is used so it will be there next time. Urbanites have no sense of direction or country etiquette- if they can't use it, destroy it, is their motto

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Hello Big Ed,

  It was great talking with you this week.  I'm anxiously waiting those pictures you mentioned.  I won't say anything as of yet!  :o

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

:rolleyes: Hi Rob,

I haven't taken pictures yet, had little league game last night & I went back today on Polaris, and did better today :P Thanks to you & Grubstake's posts :D Thursday is our last little league game...

I will have all pictures waiting for your return from Alaska, Thanks again for your friendship, customer service and great forum :D

P.S. good luck & safe trip, Rob

Take care,Ed

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