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Hello Bigfoot,

It's funny you mention "Grudge Gold." There have been times in the past where I was really pissed or depressed. Normally if I can get away and detect for a few hours it really helps. Funny, most of the time I always have found a nice piece of gold.

P.S. Anyone want to piss me off? I need another nice nugget! :o

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Actually Rob thats the whole point.If we spent more time pissin each other off...(or realized how much we really do)...we would all have more gold.See how this works?You invite me over for a beer....we TALK gold.....for hours & hours...just doing nothing else but yak yak yak.OR you show me your biggest piece of gold and tell me "This is the smallest one I found so far".

I go home IMMEADIATLY with enough insult to dig for hours the next day LOADED WITH POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT.

Hence MORE AU is found compared to BSing and having a good time....HEY....lifes to short ya know?Besides that how could ya brag without finding anything to begin with? ;)

So SURE Rob!I will piss ya off ANYTIME! :blink:


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I'm positive there are people out there that like to get a fight going in the morning, just like I like to have a cup of coffee. Gets them jump started. Man do I hate to run into those types and avoid them when I can. Not to tough to spot though anyway, and that's good! Most everybody that is a prospector is a doer and not just a dreamer. They make stuff, go places and do things. Usually are healthy and thin too. Git er done.

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Yeah I noticed that to.I've been known to be sarcastical at times.

Things to do to the flipped types:

1)crazy glue there tent zippers shut before they wake from a hard nights drinkin.

2)paint rocks & cobbles gold nearby thier dredge hole OR way above(on a cliff?) thier work areas along the streambed where it will be spotted eventually.

3)Leave notes with thier personal names in adjacent worked out areas they will eventually see such as: "Sorry Fred,I cleaned this rich crevice out weeks before you arrived!"

4)For Radical Rangers:Feed a local bear 6-8 valiums emmbedded in peanut butter

then while the lil rascals taking a nap.......shave the "USFS" shield into its fur and leave it in a dumpster downtown next to the Sierra Clubs office before it wakes up.


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