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its' not too old. looks like fire-fighting equipment. if not, a jerry rig deal using a trash pump. Probably someone's pipe dream that didn't work out as planned- hydraulicking needs vastly more water and nozzle pressure, and they wouldn't be getting it out of this contraption if that was the plan.

Just think of all the work to get it to the site and it didn't work; leave the junk behind for someone else to trip over...

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Hello Buzzard,

I would have to agree with Reno Chris. I used to drive a water truck when I worked for a Construction company. The water cannon looks just like the ones on the side of the water trucks I used to drive. Someone might have removed one from an old truck and customized it for something else (like hydraulicing).

Have you seen any placer activity in the area where you found the water cannon?

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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