Blue Bowl Experience??

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Howdy, ya'll. I just got in my Keene Blue Bowl last night and played with it for a little bit. Anyone got any hints/tips/advice??

It looks pretty neat, but from just a little bit of time with it last night, it looks like it's going to be REAL sensitive to water flow and that classifying material to -30, -50 and maybe even -100 is going to be absolutely required.

Thanks in advance for any help!

HH, ya'll!


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Screening is the key. You need to screen to at least 20 mesh. Finer sizes if you want to recover that 50 mesh gold. run it at a speed that just slowly takes the black sand up and out of the bowl. Run it in the daylight so you can see if you are having gold going up and over the spout.

They work real well if you have a lot of black sand fines like from dredgining or something like that.


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Hello Kajun,

I pretty much agree with what Reno Chris stated. I never have personally used them, but have spent a lot of time with Gold Wheels and small recurculating units. I have seen the Blue Bowl demo's several times at Gold Shows and they seem to work well on concentrates that are screen way down. You wouldn't want to run normal "River Run" through them.

Keep us updated on the results of the Blue Bowl.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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As every one has said you need to make sure that your concentrates are screened to at least 30 mesh and finer if you want to get the smaller pieces.

If any bigger rocks should be in there they will have a tendency to pull the gold over the center and out.

The finer the material the slower you should run the water pressure and be sure that the bowl is level. For more info you can look up Blue Bowl on the internet. Hope this helps.


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