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:D Good Luck to you Rob,

Alan said your leaving on Monday, and I will be thinking about you, finding them punders up there;-) Alan, seem's excited about getting that CT Platypus coil from you, and I imagine your going crazy packing & shipping, and packing your self too get out to play, away from computors & phones :blink: Did you forget anything? :P

Really have fun & great time,


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Hello Big Ed,

Been running wild over here with work, the business, getting ready for Alaska ....

Actually work is going really well. Making better than fair dough there, so I can't complain. I just took the CDL test and passed today. What a big relief since I had that going on with everything else. I had a deadline for the CDL, and I'm always good noted for waiting until the last minute to complete something.

Business is still very consistant. Going to the Post Office every day is a good think I guess ... :blink: It's slowing down a bit now due to the heat, but during the winter I couldn't keep up. Luckily, my girlfriend Dawn was able to help me out with the load and get orders out in a timely matter.

I'm still packing for the Moore Creek trip. I have piles of items lying around right now, but it's a matter of getting everything packed and making sure its everything I need. I would hate to forget something important.

Alan purchased the coil tonight and should have it by early next week. He said he needs to check out your claim with it! :P Just enough time to pay for the coil and then he will turn the ground back over to you. Haha...

Congrats on the new finds. Hope you continue to hit big with the Coiltek Platypus coil up there. I can't keep the coils in stock since guys like you and Grubstake keep cleaning house with them.

Thanks for the encouragement at Moore Creek. I'm hoping we all do well and some back with some nice gold. If I can do another four ounces I will be more than happy. Although, twelve ounces sounds much better. :D:P:)

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Hey Ed

Where do I start? :lol: Jusk kidding!

I wouldn't do that. Like you, I have alot of areas to work and I am sure I will do well once I can get into my claim, I just hope the pass is open when I try again today.

My Claim, like yours, has never seen a P.I. so I should do well. I have

3 small areas that were Hydrauliced and ground Sluiced, with some untouched

high benches, should be interesting, I may need you to help me out! :D

Take care Rob, thanks for the Platypus and be safe!

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