Off To Moore Creek, AK

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Well, I'm doing my last packing to head off to Moore Creek, AK on Monday.

Through a funny circumstance, the first gold I find there will actually be my second Moore Creek Nugget.

Here is the story: With one exception I NEVER buy nuggets. Just my thing - the nuggets I find are trophies of the hunt, bought ones just arent the same to me, I know other guys feel different, but that's just my opinion. So what was that one exception? About 15+ years ago I was in a mineral specimen shop and the guy had just thousands of specimens but one was a nice gold nugget clearly over a quarter ounce. It was marked $50. Back then gold was around $350 per ounce, so a quarter ouncer for $50, was a heck of a bargain and at todays price its an even better deal. I thought the guy must have mismarked it and I think he had but he knew me and went ahead and sold it to me for the $50. Honestly, thats the only nugget I have ever bought and I did so because of a mismarked rediculusly low price! You just dont normally see gold nuggets selling for about half of spot - I wish I could buy more at that price! So where was this nugget from? A little mining district in Alaska that I had never heard of before, called Moore Creek, near a place called McGrath. This was more than 10 years before Steve and his associates bought the property. Strange, that the place where that nugget came from will be the first place I prospect in Alaska.


The nugget actually weighs in at over 9 grams.


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Hello Chris,

Ok, now I don't want you re-finding that nugget next week! Haha.... :P

Heck, with the price of gold then vs. now, I should have purchased a bunch of gold. A good friend has pounds of sizeable nuggets and wanted to sell them back then and I decided not to purchase them. What the hell am I going to do with more big nuggets? :rolleyes:

Hopefully, you will have a 3rd, 4th, 5th More Creek nugget .... and so forth.

What time did you say you arrive in Anchorage, AK Chris? Our groups from Arizona will be arriving on US Airways at 12:09 in Anch, flight # 8012. I guess we will all just crash out in the Penn-Air terminal if we can sleep. Some might be too anxious to get to Moore Creek.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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I fly in on Alaska Air at about 11:30 pm - I'm at work and dont have the flight numbers, etc. - I'll post them later. I figured I'd just meet up with you guys over at the Penn Air terminal. I sure hope we can get some sleep - I know I wont have a problem with it. If I dont I'll be pretty much out of it by the time we get to the mine. :blink:


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