"Quick Update on Moore Creek 06"

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Hello All,

Well I first must say the trip was great!! The food was outstanding and the friendships shared will be remembered forever. If you never have been to Alaska, you're really missing out.

Well I'm sure you have heard bits and pieces of the trip, but I will just give you a brief update on what was found.

My partner Glenn kicked ass and took names! He ended up with over a pound of specimen gold (12+ ounces). Trust me, he was on fire hitting multi-ouncers just about every day. The first day on a worked out tailing pile Glenn scored a nice 2.66 ounce nugget. The next morning he hit a half-ounce nugget before anyone even got up to eat breakfast. That day he hit a nice 1.4 ouncer down creek and several smaller ones. The next day a 3.03 ouncer!! Well it just kept getting better for Glenn, while others including myself were struggling just to find one. Glenn seemed to walk out within 15 minutes and nail a nice piece. I'm not sure how to explain it, but for someone to hit a multi-ouncer each day, your either very lucky for plain freaking good! I think it was a bit of both, since Glenn hunted much harder than most. Congrats to Glenn, he deserved every ounce of gold he found.

The next runner up was Leaverite (Dennis). Dennis seemed to struggle a bit at first like the rest, but during the end of the week really stuck it too us! :P I believe the first part of the week Dennis found a few 1/2 ounce pieces. Towards the end of the week he scored a nice 1872 (I believe that was the date) Morgan Silver Dollar at depth. :D The last few hours of the trip, Dennis pulled a nice 2+ ouncer from near the runway. Man, it was a freaking beautiful piece of gold and was his biggest nugget to date.

I believe Jim P. and I were right around the same weights. I found (5) nuggets, biggest being .62 ounces. I ended up with around 1.4 ounces of gold and I believe Jim P. was right there (a bit over or under can't remember).

Gaine from Hawaii found a couple of nice smaller nuggets during the trip. Lazslo scored a nice smaller chunk of gold during the week.

C.J and Reno Chris didn't have any luck at nuggets, but did do well working the high-banker on some virgin ground not far from camp.

Everyone had a great trip to my knowledge. I will post more pictures and information soon. Trying to play catch up now. had 116 voice messages and over 300 emails .... :(

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Rob and all. Gold or no gold I had the best time bar none I have ever had! Steve and his crew made my time in Alaska one I will remember until my time has come. Bob I’m sure going to miss your cooking In fact the bowl of cereal I had for supper last night made me think of you.

Rob I'll let you post more before I jump in but for now I hope your day back at work wasn’t as bad as mine .If I could close my eyes and click my Bates you know where I'd be!

And yes every hog(me) roots up an acorn once in a wile :D


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Gaine higbanking while Bob runs a couple test pans.

Dennis - my day returning to work was bad as well - The folks who were supposed to keep up some of the stuff I do while I was gone were too busy, so I had a wall of cra*p waiting on my desk.



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I'll chime in here to 2nd and 3rd what has been posted. GREAT week!!! Super bunch of guys to spend a week with and I mean the miners AND the hosts. The weather was cool and relatively bug free. The food and accomodations great! Even with all the hiking and diggin', I gained a few lbs due to the delicious meals. The great info shared with the group by the resident and visiting (RenoChris) geologists. And we saw no bears... Unfortunately, the gold gods did not smile upon all of us equally but we all got some so I guess it's all good...then again, I think he may have smiled twice at Glenn, or maybe 3 times...good going Glenn. Your efforts paid off, good show.

Thanks Rob for gathering this group together. Thanks Steve, Bob and George for taking care of us so well during out week at Moore's Creek and all I can say is...isn't it '07 yet?

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