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Hello All,

Many of the Minelab users hunting around Central Arizona might notice the non-stop airplane traffic over the Bradshaw Mountain Range. I know it's worse than ever, but found a very simple solution on the GP3500 that works! :P This doesn’t just work for airplanes, but been experimenting with all type of interference such as power lines, airplanes and even some weather conditions.

The solution is to turn your "Manual Tune" button about 1/2 turn in any direction (clockwise or counter close wise). The last 3-4 times out the interference has been bad and by simply turning the "Manual Tune" button I have completely eliminated it all. I know I could never due this with the SD, GP3000 or GP Extreme. The Manual Tune in my opinion works much better than the "Auto Tune."

Give it a whirl and see how it works for you. ;)

Rob Allison

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:D Hi Rob,

I've been playing with the Manual Tune, found it makes underwater targets more pronounced, and increased depth. Read on other forums, that it changes the Timing, and Deep Mode is audio change, like using an Amp ;)

Take care,


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Hey Rob,

Been out two days this week but been trying to get back to the house by 2 or 3 in the evening. It's just hotter then hell in the afternoon, got back today and the temp was standing at 114.

Believe we are a few degrees up on you guys over there. Been thinking about going back over there for a few days. A little cooler up in the Bradshaws and havent been over there for three or four weeks now.

Seem's to me that for the last few times out that I have been getting more than my fair share of interference also. Been running the CT 14" mono. {Good Coil}.

Run through that last post of yours again, you kind of lost me for the moment.

You said that you turn it a half turn right or left and the interference is gone!!!

You didn't say, but I am guessing that you turned it a half turn after you tuned the detector???

Or are you turning the 3500 on and then adjusting the manual a half turn without tuning it?? Thanks.

Bob T.

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Hello Bob,

As far as tuning, I'm not even using the "Auto Tune," just the "Manual Tune" knob. If the noise gets bad I will turn the Manual Knob about a 1/2 turn one way or the other. It seems to eliminate the interference immediately. Give it a shot out your way and see how it does.

Yes, the Quartzsite region is a few degrees hotter than Phoenix or the Bradshaw's. You have to be a real trooper to hunt the Quartzsite area right now. However, I kind of like the peace and quiet.

Just been finding dinks Bob. It's close and I can get out for a few hours with a good shot of finding something. I have a good game plan for this winter season though.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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