Gray Ghost Headphones

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Hello Bob,

Well I don't know about 12 types of Gray Ghost, but there are a few! :lol:

I've been a DetectorPro dealer for a long time and proudly support their products. For years I used the Gray Ghost Originals then the Gray Ghost Ultimates with great success. However, once the Black Widow's came out I switched over to them. I think they are a bit more responsive.

Here are the different types:

Gray Ghost NDT (meaning "No down time")

Gray Ghost Ultimate

Original Gray Ghost

Gray Ghost Deep

Gray Ghost Dual Limiter

Gray Ghost DMC

Gray Ghost Underwater

Heck Bob, you were almost right. Actually seven different types of Gray Ghost Headphones.

P.S. If anyone needs prices on these phones just drop me a email - or post a reply back here.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hi Bob,

I got the Detectorpro "Blackwidows", headphones. they are great, using on GP 3500, and on Eureka Gold vlf... They are scary quit, in bear country. I'm using the Coiltec Platypus exclusivly on GP 35 in creek, and gold, even of size is quit under water, and believe the Blackwidows are a must have item;-)

P.S. Got mine from Rob Allison;-)

Take care,


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Thanks for the feedback, Rob and Ed.

I was wondering about the volume, when used with the 3500, as I have a little problem with my ears in hearing the sometimes faint sounds.

I guess I should ask how well do they mate with the 3500? I have six or seven pair, some are just so so and a couple are fairly good on the volume end. The best one that I have is one that came from fisher a few years back, they are Bilsoms, if I remember right they were around $100.00 and work very well with the GB2 as well as the 3500, very comfortable all day.

Two things I don't care for is they have only one volume control and the worst thing is they are a bright orange. Been thinking about spraying them a light tan.

Your right Rob there are only seven, I was looking at something else and got it mixed up.

Bob T.

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Hello Colorado Bob,

If you're looking for the best responding headphones for any of the Minelab detectors, then I would recommend the Black Widow's. They are without a doubt the loudest headphones I have found and match great with the Minelab PI's. They have a volume control on both ears, ST/Mono Switch and a Clipper Switch. They also have a limited lifetime warranty.

These are the headphones I recommend in the following order (from my experiences) -

(1) Black Widow's ($126), Gray Ghost NDT, or Ultimates ($126/$117), NuggetBuster NDT ($126) & Koss UR-30's ($49.95).

All four of the headphones above you don't have to use an amplifier with (unless your hearing is really bad). They all are very high quality headphones.

I have all the headphones above in stock and have used them all personally for a long time. There is no doubt the Black Widow's are the best in my opinion.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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