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Hello All,

Any interested in a slightly used Minelab X-Terra 70 Metal Detector contact me. This unit is practically brand new with less than 10 hours of use on it. There is no original box, have no clue what happened to it, but you will get all the stock accessories and searchcoil, plus the 10-inch elliptical DD searchcoil that is great for gold nugget hunting.

This detector will sell very quickly, so the first one with an offer will take it. I would prefer a check or money order for the detector.

I'm asking $600 for the entire package. The normal sale price for this unit is $800 not including the 10-inch elliptical DD searchcoil.

If you're interested give me a call at (623) 362-1459, send me a Private Message (PM) through the forums or email me at - auplacers@yahoo.com

First person to contact me and pay will owe this great coin/relic/gold hunting detector. ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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This is a great deal!

I would jump on it if I didn't already have one and your saving over $300.00!

These machines are very user friendly and can be used for either nugget hunting or coin shooting.

They handle hot soil easy and have automatic everything or just use manual.

Minelab is comming out with some new coils in the near future for the 70 and I cant wait.

I take mine every time I go out with my 3000 and alot of time I just take the Xterra by it's self.

I will post pictures of finds that I found with the Xterra 70, as soon as I get more time.

Don't let this deal pass you up!


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The 70 is a VLF machine, thus finds smaller gold than the 3000, but shallower of course and with the

18 KHZ coil, you wont be picking with tweezers (the Gold bug I was 18 KHZ if you remember).

With the 3000 I find smaller nuggets, 2 grain, but I really have to pay attention.

I have ran the 3000 through the mill and found that it will blank out on all coins with a DD coil (try it) and have even had it blank out nuggets, so you either dig EVERYTHING, or use the discr. and take the chance that it may or may not blank out on a good target, a real problem in high junk areas like here in Ca, where there were sluice boxes everywhere and those dreded boot nails.

With the 70, you can use the prospecting mode with iron mask, and if you find a target you arn't really sure what it is, you can easily go into the coin mode with a push of a button and it will tell you what the target is, then with another push of the button, go back into the prospecting mode.

We tried to run an MXT on my claim and it could not handle the high mineralization with red clay and black sand, it went nuts...but the 70 with the DD coil and tracking it ran sweet and smooth. Most of the places I detect is in that red hot clay crap with loads of magnitite.

I am not a salesmen for any dealer, I am just telling my opinion that this is a good machine, is light and nice to have.

I do have to admit that the number system drove me nuts at first and wondered why Minelab would use numbers instead of an icon of a coin like whites, but after finding 2 pennys, one wheat and one modern, they each had a different number on the screen...because they were made of different metals, but the numbers were close, one at 28 and the other at 31. And...each country has it's own currancy, thus various metals meaning, various numbers on the screen, so I can use it anywhere in the world, after learning what each coin number is.

The attached picture is a 1 1/2 pound nugget found by a friend of mine, with a Eureka Gold in an area that was hammerd to hell with P.I. machines, many coils were passed over it, why didn't they find it?...because it sounded like a beer can, no one dug it!

There is a place for VLF machines.

The gold bug II may be better than the 70, I'm not sure yet, (I know it has higher freqs) but what I do know is that it is nice to be able to hunt nuggets and after a while, use the same machine with the push of a button, hunt coins near an old cabin or the local park on the way home.

If your still curious, order the free DVD for the Xterra from Minelab and watch it for your self, that's what I did.

I hope this answers your questions Ruff & Tuff, if you have any more questions feel free to P.M. me.

Good hunting.


post-848-1158902533_thumb.jpg post-848-1158902506_thumb.jpg

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Hello Guys,

Pretty positive the X-Terra 70 is sold. Had about a dozen people interested, but one friend sent a PM early that morning, so I contacted him first. This is a great coin/relic/gold nugget detector and for the price you're getting an absolute steal! :o

Take care,

Rob Allison

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As always, it was good chatting with you last nite. Gail and I swung up by the old slide last night and sure enough.... Gravel pit <_< .

I took the unit to the park by the house this morning and found a few coins and a small charm. The mexican boys play pickup soccar games in the field every nite so that could be interesting also... ;)

I'll get out next week or weekend to scratch some bedrock to try the prospecting mode.

Thanks for the great deal


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