3 Day work week

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I just came now to night to feed my animals, but throught I would you all an up date. 1st, the weather is great. Now for those who were out at our primary claims in May will remember somewhat of how it looked. We Doc and I decidef to bit the bullet and move overburden for 3 days we are at the end of day 2. I've attached a few pictures for you to view. When we finish tomorrow, we hope to have an area 40ftx200ft of new material

O'29 in 29

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.......I hate to be OVERLYBURDENED as well......and what prompted you & Doc to dig there instead of directly under those large piles of pumpkin sized black angular boulders is a mistery to me :rolleyes:. DIDNT you guys know THATS exactly how the first timers hid there au was under those piles?......hhhhhmmm......

Well at least it looks like your moving around better........and thats worth a thousand pics!Stayyyy cooool!

Find that nug BEFORE the snows fall Bob...or...at least before Doc gets it before you do! ;)


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Is that the same spot you have been working on all this time?Maybe a new one in the same area but with all that work you may have to go back to work to rest up and they call this retirement. :lol:

Thanks for the pictures and you keep us posted of your workings.


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Bigfoot & Ridge Runner,

These pictures were just the start. I'm posting todays work as soon as I finish typing. As for those big black rocks, I put my order in for a sky hook and got a backhoe. Damn bar code system, after 6 all numbers run togeether.


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