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Hello Dutchman,

I'm guessing the Dutchman ='s - Earl! :o I will be out there Saturday for sure, Sunday is up in the air. Will be testing out the new Minelab GPX-4000 and doing some comparison tests against the GP3500.

Surprised a 3.2 Dwt nugget is the biggest found so far in the pushes. :(

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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hey Rob

A big fat one the size of your fist was probably just under Mr. Rattler!


How are you doing?



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Hello Dutchman and All,

Push 2 was pretty productive today. There were 25-30 nuggets found off this push just today. :D Several people including myself found (4) and many others had several apiece. Nothing huge was found, most of the bigger nuggets were 1-2 Dwt's and the bulk of them being 1/2 Dwter's. I'm sure a couple more nuggets were found when I left, so the nugget count might be as high as 35 nuggets from just today.

Done some testing with the new GPX-4000 and I'm very impressed with the results!

For all the guys going up Sunday, hope you do well.

Rob Allison

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