24 K Nugs this weekend

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Yo, Rob...Sat down with Miss Elly and the security troops Sunday afternoon watching you wind your way down Rich Hill...You were movin' pretty slow...Must 'ave had a pocket full of RH nuggets, huh?... You tired me out just watching you do the billy goat over all those rocks...Got a good thing going there... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah...PS, I got out to a spot today..Recognize it???

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Hello Uncle Ron,

Ya, I was hiking around up there for several hours, but didn't find a single nugget up there. :( Later in the day I did locate (3) nuggets, but gave (2) of them away to the guy working the area. I kept the smaller 1/4 - 1/2 Dwter and gave up the 2 & 2.5 Dwter.

Glenn picked up one nugget about a Dwt right out of push 2 when he first started. We both tried push 2 for about another hour with no luck. Still a lot of small targets in the pushes, but the gold is getting harder to find now.

Yep, know the spot in the picture. Any gold found around there? :huh:

Rob Allison

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Regarding the spot in the photo, I went exploring and found a series of very old tailing piles and scrapes spread out over a fairly large area...It's very rough getting into...I have heard there are nuggets from the general area, but the one's I have seen from there are not very attractive...Still, gold is gold...Cheers, Ron

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