ol lady mad

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well yesterday the ol lady was mad when she came home from work in freezin down pour up here at lake isabella ,only to find something sittin in her reading chair by tyhe stove(not close enough to harm machine ) with her blanket and remote,lmao,didnt use her pillow(wasnt pressin my luck ) but having fun and aint even turned on the power lol. anyways thanks rob and leaverite, just waiting for this wetness to dissapear and im headed to the rands dis in ca, will post pics of finds if any lol. she thinks this made her mad ,wait til i go on a gold fever binge for a week and run off with my gp3000 and dont call .lol



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Me thinks its better to have tried and failed then it is to not try at all. Wish wives could understand us knuckleheads more, but I guess they need to vent too. Like Nike says "Just Do It" the smoke will eventually clear. Hope no wives read this ;) Good Luck Hunting :)

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Hey guber,

If you think she is mad now, wait till your wife finds out you have bought 4 or 5 accessory coils for your GP at about $300 dollars a pop!

You need to get a tarp to sleep under, after she kicks you out into the backyard!


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