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Yo All...Does anybody know where I can find a good listing of prospecting club links? I want to put them on my custom gold map website...I've got Bill's, Rob's, Chris's, Doc's & Rod's sites linked and would like to add club links in AZ, CA, NV, NM, UT & CO....Thanks in advance for any info... Cheers, Unc

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Hello Uncle Ron,

Thanks for listing my website/forums on your website. When I get established in the new home I'm going to spend some time re-working my site. I'm going to get it back to where it used to be. I used to generate a good 100+ emails per day.

Anyone I bump into I mention your custom maps to them! ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Thanks, Rob, for the map mentions AND the pointy finger up on the Hill last weekend...My knees have begun finally unswelling so I can walk normal again...That hill is one tough of a mofo hunt...You've spent so much time up and down there, you've got those billie goat knees... (That must be what Dawnie likes about you... :lol::lol::lol: ) Anyhow, just want to thank you again for turning me on to that patch...Pulled nearly 5 ounces, spec'ed, walking back down to the Honda...Er, maybe not quite that much :rolleyes: ... Ok, maybe quite a tad less, but it was a thrill getting my first off the hard part of the Hill....

I'm thinking of some new map packages that I can put together for folks, and if anyone has any suggestions of gold areas they'd like, I sure would like to know...l really like making gold maps! ...Cheers, & see you out on the 24K push Saturday...Unc in the Dubyah

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