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I just noticed I have been a member of this forum, for over three years now. Boy time fly's when your having fun! And these forums are fun and funny attimes. Getting close to Christmas, soooo! I want to wish you ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY THE GOLD GOD BE WITH YOU ALL IN YOUR SEARCH FOR GOLD AND FRIENDS> I'VE GOT MINE ALREADY. Grubstake

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Gary and all,

The friends I've made and met from this forum have been outstanding. Gary, you've help this old hardrock more than you know. God is good and rewards us in ways we could not imagine. Good luck this partner.


The Old 29er in 29

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Hey Flak, and everyone. Make sure you post the gold and How deep it was, I'm going to start measuring how deep and how big, so I can post it on the pictures. I hope I can fine a Christmas nugget.

I want to tell everyone a true story, that happened just the other day, The church has a fund, Really all the churches up here go together on this. Anyway they load the kids up in a bus, that would not normally get anything for Christmas, take them to Walmart and Target, and let them get one present for themselvles and one for someone they know. One little girl was looking at cards, she found a pretty one, but it said merry Xmas on it. Well the Sheriffs Deputy was standing by her, and she asked him if he could change the card. He said you mean exchange it? The little girl said no! I mean Change it! IT SHOULD SAID MERRY CHRISTMAS! NOT MERRY XMAS, because its about Jesus not XX's Grubstake

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Don't worry about me changing, I been me all my life, some times I'm opionated, but I'm still me. I know you only get one go around in life, so I live it like everyday will be my last. I don't think I would change anything in my life, except I would like to have more money. I have had a full life, been in every state, and spent three years in europe and two in Nam. People are people no matter where you go, some good some bad. But for the most part people are good. Its only a very few in this world, no matter where you go that the bad one are. I think everyone I have met on the forums or talked too all have the same things in commond, being friends and a gold hunting hobby. WHAT A GREAT BUNCH! Grubstake

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