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Way back when I got my GPExtreme I started useing Mono setting While running a DD coil. I have a 20" DD. Would I get more depth out off the GPX4000 in mono or DD with that coil. Any Pros and cons? I belive DD will carry most depth but can't hurt to ask.

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Hello Dredger,

I never cared to use a DD in the mono mode. I think this is a big waist of time unless you're pinpointing. Why would anyone want to purchase a DD coil and then only use half the coil in the mono mode? If you want the true benefit of a mono coil, purchase the size you want to use and benefit by using the entire legth/width of the coil for max depth.

I think you would get more depth out of you 20-inch coil in the DD mode than using it in the mono mode and only using 1/2 the coil. However, I'm sure some will differ.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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1 dredger. The benefit to using a DD in mono mode is that it still has most of the ground handling ability of the DD mode. It will run quieter on bad ground than a mono coil when in mono mode. It will also be more sensitive to the really small gold but not a lot more. Depth will be sacrificed on the larger deeper nuggets in most cases as Rob says. This may all become a moot point in the future because the GPX 4000 runs quieter with a mono than the previous GPs did with a DD. I still haven't bothered to put a DD coil on the GPX yet. Can't see any reason to. Never liked DD coils anyway and when I did put them on in the past, I used them in mono mode like you did.----Bob

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