Skunked Once more!

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They wern't very deep, he got them all right in the stream bed. One of them he did not even detect, just crevised and got it. but the others were right in the dry stream bed. I dug lots of ball rounds, 36 caliber, 22 rounds, square nails, and just plain junk, some down 2 ft. Its not the detector, if it goes over it it will get it with out a dought. The coil just has to getr lucky and pass over a chunk. Grubstake PS, I put the SKUNK in a burlap bag! And I'm giving it to SHEP on SAT. As a Christmas present! :P:P:P:P:lol::lol:

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Grubstake . Don't despair. Many top nuggetshooters had a slump when first switching from an SD to a GP. It takes your mind a few days to switch languages and get the confidence up. The longest skunk I can remember having was when I went from an Sd 2100 to the Extreme. Within 2 weeks the old SD went up for sale. The skunk ended with 6 ounces in one day and I've never looked back.----Bob

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I don't mind, I don't think I have been missing targets, I got about 4 pounds of mostly lead rounds in two days. this place has never been detected, it has been in a family that runs cattle for over a hundred years, and there not into detecting. 4000 ac.s is a lot of ground and they worked it back in 1849- it was part of the original Fremont land grant, and there was miners and cabins all over this place, the chimnees still staning on some. I am pretty sure if I get over gold, I'm going to getr it. I just haven't passed the coil over any yet. BUT I WILL> Grubstake

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