Rich Hill 24K New Year Dinks

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Yo All...Saturday's 24K Klan gathering was great...Nice gold found (including my combined late Christmas and early New Year half gram of dinks below)...The club is really growing as the pushes get deeper toward the bedrock in the gulches...

It was great getting to see new folks in person as well as the old hands, Jim P., Leaverite, Rob, Steve & Kitty, Miss Ellie, Kevin, Glenn (nice nugget, Glenn) and a bunch of others I only know by face but not name...I've never been one to be real social in the various clubs, but the 24K Club is different...

Anyhow, Happy New Year everyone (I'm heading back up to the pushes for a New Year's Eve GIANT NUGGET....Cheers, Unc

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Hi Bob..It was good seeing you again on the pushes...My nuglets came from the area between pushes one and two...But there were some very nice nuggets from five and even a quarter oz. beauty from push four...The gold is definitely getting better as the ground gets more shallow...I'm thinking the 1.5 oz. beauty Skipper Bill found is just the beginning of some great finds...Cheers, Unc

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