Minelab Model Introduction Dates?

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Yo Rob & All...I'm really curious about the "official" dates of introduction of the various minelab models (PI only) since the 2000 ... Does anyone have that info...In my recollection, clouded by my CRS condition as it is, the GP, 3000, 3500 and 4000 were about 45 minutes apart :P:o:huh::lol: Or am I just still semi-confused? (But proud of being concious!) Inquiring minds, trying to remember :rolleyes: Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Hello Ron,

If I remember correctly the SD2200 came out in Sept. 98 cus I bought mine in the end of Nov. from Hoss and it had been out a few months by then . CRS after that ....................... until the 4000 on OCT. 17th 2006 as mine was one of the early serial #'s (15) and I believe Heybeerman took #5. My guess on the 2000 was around 95 in the spring , I remember seeing them at the GPAA Gold Show in Mesa and thinking who would spend 1800.00 for that . :blink:

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Hello Uncle Ron,

If I remember correctly I purchased one of the first SD2000's from Floyd Allen back in 1996. I paid almost the same price at a new GPX-4000. I think the price was $3,795.00. :(

Minelab normally releases a new gold detector every 2 - 2.5 years.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Here’s a minelab history link I have buried in my favorites:

It says mid 1995 SD2000

End of 1996 SD2100 (maybe 1.5+ yrs?)

1999 SD2200 (3 yrs approx.?) (AZ4AU says mid 1998 so that's really 1.5+yrs)

Dec 2000 GP Extreme (1+yrs approx.?)


The arcticle doesn’t mention the exact release date of the GP 3000, GP 3500, or GPX-4000 so please fill in the blanks.

I think the GP 3500 came out in mid 2005 (correct me if I'm wrong) and the GPX-4000 the end of 2006, and I don't know when the GP3000 came out (the one I own) :huh: anyone know when it came out? Ok, I just found a field test for Sept. 2003 for the GP 3000, so it probably came out around that time.

Mid 2003 GP3000 (2.5 yrs approx)

Mid 2005 GP3500 (2 yrs)

End of 2006 GPX-4000 (1.5yrs)

Sounds like there wouldn't be a new one until at least Jul-Sept of 08 from the above stats.


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