Technology Drift

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When I had my GPX it work okay but when I sent it in for repair it came back a complete new detector. It sound better than it ever had but I had a buyer for it so away it went. I got one of the last GP3500 that Rob had before the 4000 came out.

People talk about how the 4000 sounds when you lift the coil off the ground. Meaning it makes little noise are none. My GP 3500 is the same way as they say the 4000 is when it comes off the ground.

I'm wondering if some of the new Technology from a new detector that's to come out finds its way into the old detector that's on the market at the time.

So lets hear from others that may have opinion on this Drift of Technology!

Chuck A.

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Chuck, I hear ya! Well I think I do!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste so they say! But since we only use 10% of it.......well we must not be wasting to much of it! lol

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