Detecting with stock headphones

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Well got out today to the spot where I found my 1st detecting nugget. I was using my 4000 with 14" NF mono with stock headphone. I usaully use my Black Widows and a 20"DD. Now this wasn't my 1st trip back to this spot. I've hunted it with the Extreme and 3500. I managed to snag a .5dwt nugget at 6in. in the spot I thought was cleaned to death. I also found a square nail at about 13in. My black Widows are down for repear and I have never used the stock Koss ear phones. They seamed loader and more brillant than the Black Widows. Or am I imagining it? Also that 14 mono sounds off pretty good on the faint targets. I does sound alot different than the DD but maybe it was the headphones. Anybody have a take on this

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I have both the UR30s and Grey Ghosts. I beleive I prefer the stock headphones for feel and hearing. Wished they named the Black Widders a different name. Been under too many mobile homes, won't even try them cause of their name. Stupid I know :unsure:

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Last I heard, someone saw Shep's feet and leg's sticking out from under a mobile and he was kicking and yelling.

They crawled under there to see what was wrong and he had that big long beard hung up in a spring.

Got to watch those Black Widows Shep, they love to nest in the most obscure places. I know, cause I used to have one of those big bushy things. [beard, that is.]

Bob T.

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The seamed loader and more brillant than the Black Widows. Or am I imagining it?

No, you're not.

I stopped using my stocks because of poor fit. Also, since I wear headphones all day long for work, I stuck with the Widows because they are not as loud. I need to not ruin my hearing and the frequencies which detector headphones run are killer on the ears.

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After a few hours of wearing any headphones my ears get messed up by the dampness, especially in summer but it happens all year long to me. I get what is like/might be swimmers ear when you dredge from wearing headphones for a long time, so I put some rubbing alcohol in my ears to keep it from happening before it gets bad if I'm detecting quite a bit. Sometimes I wear them half on/off to get some air circulation. I use external speaker when I'm out and away from others, way more comfortable but not as good of sound. Those little ear buds like for Ipod/walkman style look comfortable but wrong impedance for detector. As for spiders, I tuck my socks over the coveralls, hit stuff as I'm going along to make vibrations under the house so they know I'm coming, hope for the best and rarely kill them when I'm under the house/mobile. So far, no problems - maybe I'm just lucky so far. I mostly fear a wet ground and an open electrical wire under there. It's happened to me before and woke me up pretty quick.

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  • Admin

Hello All,

Headphones are all preference in my opinion. I really like the Black Widow's, I think they are louder and mask out the outside noise. I haven't used the stock Koss-UR30's in some time, but the Black Widow's were better for me. Everyone's hearing is different, so you have to find what works best for you.

There are some that swear by the Accu-Sound "El Cheapo's," but I couldn't imagine wearing them. However, some headphones might be more sensitive to low/high pitches vs. others.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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