The BIGGEST lie you ever heard thread!

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All righty, another FUN thread.. get your imagination going. {Keep it FUN!}

What is the biggest LIE you were ever told? :blink:

Here are a few I thought up:

Beeps only on gold!

L.E.D. bulb- 100,000 hour life!

Be right back Honey, I'm just gonna take a quick look in this ravine. (Hey! That was ME! :rolleyes: )

X.XX Oz/ton here!

You WON'T lose gold with the XXXXXXXX pan (or whatever implement)

What are some big LIES you have heard in your prospecting adventures? :lol:


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I promise honey I didn't pay very much for my GP3000. I got a great deal on it! Honest!

What? How much did those extra coils cost? Not more than $50 or $60! They were demo units!

Of course I'd love to go over to your mother's house for the holidays!

How am I going to get out of that one..........there is a push on Thanksgiving week!

In Texas ....there aren't any liars!



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Here's a few of my favorites,

That patch is hunted out.

It needs a little work.

Its' guaranteed for life (his or mine?

Will have it fixed by tomorrow.

Cant get these anywhere else.

It has an unbreakable handle.

(And probably my all time favorite),

This is the last detector you will ever have to buy. ;)

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A few more, "Even the Smithsonian doesn't have anything like this" and "that's only going to run you x dollars" sorry I guess the last one applies mainly to someone doing repairs on anything from cars to computers.

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Guest Mike C...

This new deeper beeper will totally open up old pounded patches by the buckets full-------maybe in ten life times ;)

These coils are the best------if you have money to burn :blink:

These headphones are the cats meow------more like listening through a pillow :huh:

This guy is famous for-------self made and in his own mind :lol:

This guy really knows what he's talking about-------and many will follow :o

I found most of the gold over here--------Huh- then why are you hunting over there ;)

I found this 2 grain nugget at one and a half feet deep-------what ruler were you using :blink:

I found many nuggets over there--------then why is there so much trash :huh:

BS heard and after thoughts----------Mike C... :lol:

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You can work my claims anytime you want (turned out they were somebody else's claims and I got all the blame for messing things up; though it was the other yo yo at fault there).

You can find gold with any detector (technically not a lie, as 'gold' is not defined; but misleading nonetheless).

Dowsing is the truth or leads to the true path (BS!!!)

Just let me help you out (which meant here, let me have all your goods and you can have what's left after they left).

there's loads of nuggets over there (points); (just didn't mention they were lead nuggets).

A detector is like some sort of magnet, all you have to do is get somewhere near the gold (coins, relics, nuggets, rings, etc.) and it will sound off.

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