Sunday's Hunt with new Minelab Customer

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Hello All,

Today Ohio and I met up with Dan S. at the LDMA Stanton Camp. Dan purchased a new Minelab GPX from me recently and came all the way down from the Great Lake State of Michigan. Since we all were Weaver Members, we tried our luck there for half the day. We hunted hard and found a bunch of deep targets, but no nuggets from those claims.

The second part of the day we decided to give the famous 24K Gold Hunters Club a shot. Within about an hour I hit a nice, smaller nugget on one of the pushes. Hard to believe this one was missed, but it was down about 8 inches. I found the piece with the Minelab GPX-4000 and Coiltek Joey Mono Searchcoil.

Overall we all had a great day. Dan was very pleased with the new Minelab and can't want to get over some gold nuggets with it.

P.S. Ohio brought along some of his new nuggets found recently in the Bradshaw Mountain Range. If you look close at the second picture you will see (2) very small gold flakes next to the (4) nuggets. Those were not detected, but blown out of the bedrock cracks while recovering a couple of the bigger nuggets. Ohio said the wash in loaded with very small flakes and fines. Could be a great place for drywashing/Vac Packing.

First picture is the nugget I recovered today.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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