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I was a wondering about the spots i have seen on Rich Hill that have all the boulders turned over, if all the cracks and crevices were vacumed out, would there be much values if run through a drywasher.

I have been eye balling all the matierial from the pushes, and there has to be quite a bit of values in that stuff. I just got a Keene Puffer and been thinking about taking the grand kids out there to do some diging.

They would be hooked for life if they could find good gold there first time down the chute! Any thoughts?


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Hello Bunk,

People have done fair while drywashing in the pushes, but there are spots that are much better. If someone would spend some time and effort working some of the smaller drainages they would get into some nice spots. It takes a lot of sampling to find a good spot for production type drywashing. However, once you find a nice spot you might be surprised on what the oldtimer's left behind.

Right now the ground is pretty damn from the rains, so drywashing might not be the best method until it drys out a bit. Drywashers work best when the material is extremely dry. The Keene 151 does shoot out hot air to help dry the soil if you have one of those.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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