The last LSD Nugget

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Yo All....Billy gave me a pointy finger a while back to a patch that I tried a couple of times...No luck...But today after I had tried it for the second time, I was heading back to the truck and passed a little wash that I hit one time a while back on one of those 115 degree AZ summer days when I have LSD all to myself...But even an old desert rat like yer Uncle can get distracted with the heat sometimes...So, figuring my concentration hadn't been too good back then, I rigged up my good ol' SD2100 with the ever trusty Nuggetfinder 14 E Mono and set up walking down the wash with my brand new Hermit pick I got from Billy last week...This morning I replaced the wooden handle with a fiberglass handle that I favor....Very hot ground, but I was able to balance it out, one of the things I really like about the 2100...I hit a few boot tacks and an old wedge someone had made for bustin' bedrock cracks...Then I got a soft sound that I almost thought was black sand...Scooped it down 10 inches or so to bare bedrock with my pick and still it screamed...So I started busting up the bedrock and down about another 3" I got the target out and scooped up...Turned out to be this 5.4 Gram (3.4 DWT) beauty...I had time to kill tonight so I took a bunch of pix...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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nice one ron looks simlar to that 1.47 lb. nug found about 3-4 years or so ago? with the redish type quartze from the san domingo area. hopefully theres some mor biggins there, leave one for me :D TooL

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Yep, Tool, I think mine broke off the corner of Jimmy's, then traveled a few miles on a whim.... :lol: ... This little one actually had my name on it and had been vacationing in Tahiti...It was swimming back upstream to Jimmy's patch when I snagged it....Gotta be quick on some of these little sun boogers... :) ...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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