using a gold pan dry???

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I've used dry panning for years to sample washes. Don't expect great recovery returns, but save the material that looks good to you for panning at home. I use a Trinty Pan for dry panning, I've found that it works very well with all the traps that built in. It comes in 2 sizes and recommend getting both.

O'29er in 29

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Hi all,

I have tried what is called a "square pan". It is not really square, but more of a rectangular box, with sloping riffles on one end. I have a couple of square pans, one being rather large and a little awkward to use at first, the second being small and probably best for working your fines.


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Dry Panning ...also called "winnowing" was first used with a sheepskin blanket(to help build a static charge to attract the smaller gold particals)in Europe.Then the Beaners(my grandmother sat on Poncho Villa's lap when she was very young.So I'm allowed to joke about "that" learned this technique and used wind with blankets...later on this contributed to DryWasher manufacturing as well.

Everyone talks about how great it would be to find the old DryWasher Tailings and MD it.......if theres a way to find where they were Winnowing or DryPanning(in the dryer districts) it could pay off.



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I, for one, am particularly impressed with the Trinity Pan, for all around use; even running tails from a desert fox. I have used one both wet and dry, but for the dry panning, still prefer the Garrett for ease and quick batching.

Before the Trinity, I also used the rectangle green pan (Le-Trap?), which worked better to sort out the black sands.

If you can get a video on either pan, it will help you IMMENSELY to perfect your own swirl action, and make the most of your efforts (Trinity and Garrett).

besides being a finishing tool, the gold pan's best use was as a sampler. Once you started getting sizeable stuff in the pan, then it was time to bring in a larger scale concentrator (drywasher, sluice box, dredge).

Nowadays, a detector is the premier sampler, and if you take notes, write down a GPS coordinate of where the nugget was picked, there should be smaller gold within the vicinity, and even sizeable or larger gold exposed beyond the detector's working horizon. heck, you could even hire a few hands to dig the hole, giving them a meal and some cash...

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