Vein Gold with Pyrite Cubes

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Yo All...Thrashed my back a few days ago and haven't been able to get out for my daily beepster...Actually spent two days on my back... ...So, I was playing with my camera today and got a good few new shots of a speci I got from a vein near the famous Octave mine...Here's a pic or two...You'll notice that there's pyrite cubes associated with the gold...That is common to the gold bearing veins in this particular area, together with the limonite (rusty)....Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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My drool starts when I see red dirt mixed in a volcanic/metamorphic area. Lots of pyrites include gold, or rather, metallic sulfides. as that stuff will break down sooner than the gold or surrounding rock, a lot of gold get exposed as a result.

Over in Meadview, there is a lot of big iron particles, crystals like these, and while the placer gold tends to be free, a lot of it still has the pyritic imprint in the nuggets. Other gold that I have found out there, looks like a chip off of Ron's stuff in the photos.

Ron seems to add quite a bit of decent information to this site and others, and his pictures only make me drool that much more. Great JoB!

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