Took the GPX 4000 plunge

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After dabbling in the used minelab game for a few months, I finally put together enough bones to purchase a GPX 4000. I even thought about finding one used just to save a couple hundred dollars. I saw this on Craigslist and then started to compare what was out there with Rob's package deal with the Pocket Rocket and Platypus deal and came to the conclusion that I had to trust someone that I did not know and send them cash up front for a used machine and maybe it was a good deal or I had to spend 3 days driving to and from AZ and spend an additional $300 in gas and then food and lodgining. For what?

Here is the ad:

have an almost new Minelab 4000 with two coils that with tax cost me almost $5000.00. I cannot find the time to use it so I will trade it for an older Yoyota motorhome in excellent condition with low miles and AC.

[email protected]

$5000? What a loser! This guy apparently did not shop around or he is full of BS! Another fool that did not realize what it takes to find gold. Anyway enough bashing this guy.

I realized that I also did not get a 4 year warranty with the used machine and who knows which eliptical coil he has.

To top it all off, I got to spend the day chatting with a woman with a beautiful voice that was sweet as honey. Dawn is so much nicer to talk to.

Thae deal is done and I can't wait till this fall for my day out in the field with Rob because I ain't going out in the summer heat out there in the desert.Too Hot! Just like Rob's package.

Thanks Dawn! It is always a pleasure spending my money with you. And don't forget the twice baked potatoes when I come down, I'll bring the ribs!



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Hello Chris,

You're going to love the Minelab GPX-4000. The package I have going is one of the best and only offered from me. Besides the most powerful handheld detector, the Coiltek Li-Ion System and Coiltek Platypus Completely Waterproof Searchoil make this package one of the best anyone is going to find. Just remember, Coiltek builds it, someone copies it! Coiltek has always been on the leading edge, while others just follow behind. This is one reason I stuck with Coiltek from day one, they are the best searchcoil manufacture with it comes to quality, reliability and support.

Ribs??? :wacko::wub: Dawn burnt our last ones, but I kind of liked them a bit Black. :ph34r:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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