July Nugget

Guest Bunk

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Got out today to hunt for about 6 hours and this is the result. It weighs 1.1dwt and was about 5" deep in the bank of a wash in the N. Bradshaws. Used a 3500 with a DD Joey.





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  • Admin

Hello Bunk,

Congrats on the new nugget find! Hope you're using my pointers I suggested on the last phone call. Just remember, it's a process of ellimination! :D

Back to your nugget, it has great character. Not sure how much you have worked the area, but there is normally more than just one nugget in a wash. You might want to spend more time right around where you found that nugget.

The Coiltek Joey Searchoils (Mono and DD Pro) are deadly coils. Probably the best for small gold hunting. However, you just proved they are good for all sized nuggets.

Keep up the great hunting Bunk,

Rob Allison

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