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Still no gold but at least I now feel like i'm using the machine the right way to find it!!!

At first I had my doubts about a how to video, after the third time through I was taking notes like I was in college again. Then I got out in the field (N. Cal.) and tried the smooth timings with a mono 8", switched back to normal and sure enough JP was right! WOW, i'm impressed even more with the GPX and JP's video has been loads of help and a great confidence builder.

Huge thanks to JP for the time he takes to put these videos together and for his passion share his wisdom with the world. Thanks to Rob too for getting me the video at faster than light speed!

I highly recommend this to all GPX users, it is easily worth the $$.



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Hello JW,

The DVD video is great, but I like to point out one thing. Keep in mind, the video was done in another Country, so not all of his settings will be the best for you. What makes the GPX-4000 so powerful is the fact you have so many options and settings to work with (unlike prior Minelab's). Also, the GPX-4000 is partially digital, so I believe the signal response is also much cleaner over Analog.

I really like the Sensitive/Smooth setting if the ground is noisy. However, try the Sensitive/Extra and see the difference in signal response. :D

I've been experimenting with different settings and found a couple more combinations that work great!

Just a matter of playing around,

Rob Allison

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I was hunting the hills besides a river under an ancient volcanic cap where the hot rocks are everywhere, going into smooth was a good way to eliminate most of the noise and still hit a small test nugget.

I will try that next, basically I am following the video through and trying the different stuff he shows in order as I can get to it.

Just the knowing that I can duplicate almost exactly the settings and responses JP got is a great help. The first few times at this same spot I was having fits over the hot rocks, if I eliminated them I would not hit the test nugget, now I can get 90% of them out and still hit the nugget at that same spot.

Being the knob twister that I am, rest assured I will try every setting in an attempt to get gold, but the biggest lesson so far is to not over power the machine to keep the threshold steady, set up for the ground and make sure you still hear that test nugget. ;)

As I get a feel for what is going on, pulse is a new experience for me, I will work through the different settings, after the video I reset to the presets and started over with baby steps. :D It was a good lesson with good results. ;)

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