Is anyone else having trouble with Bill's forum?

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Hello Guys,

Bill is working on the issue . I reset a few passwords for some already and they got back in OK . Try and change your own password once because the banner and "My Controls" sould be working on the forum page , I believe Uncle Ron was able to PM me from the forum page .

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Yo, All...I hadn't had any problems here like on Bill's forum until just this minute trying to post this response...I thing "Invision Power Board" has some issues...I erased my cookies, temp internet files and it eliminated the problem on Bill's forum but now it's showing up on any forums that use this Invision Power Board service...Not the end of the world, but it pretty much semi sucks :rolleyes: Cheers, Yer Unc

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Hey Ron,

I haven't had any problem getting on any of the forums.

I try to keep the system cleaned up, usually do it every two or three days, sometimes every day. I usually do the cookies, temp. files, history and sometimes a couple other things.

You should have a de-frag on the PC. I try to run it about once a week. Keeps all the files in order instead of being scattered around. They will get that way over time. Also makes the PC a bit faster.

Pull it up and hit Analyze if you want to take a look at the graph's and then hit defragmentize.

Depends how bad it is as to the time involved. I have seen it take up to three hours or so to run.

Bob T.

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