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I've got this old boy a friend in OK. And has never coin hunted.We have nugget hunted together but he wanted to buy coin detector so I got him to buy a M6 from Whites. With a big heart of mine I drive 600 hunderd miles to show him how to work this thing.

I wanted to go to hunt this place for a long time, so this time we did now being he didn't have to follow behind me. I check him out on the M6 until he got the hang of it.

The first time out he fines a 1879 silver dollar and within a foot up came a 1912 half dollar.I did find some old dimes and pennys.

Then to add hurt to all of this he calls me the other day saying he found the silver coin with a date of 1865 and numeral three on the back. I had to tell him what he had.

Sorry no pictures but I've got to go back and I get some.

Chuck Anders

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