Lost Treasure give away.

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Lost Treasure is giving away F-75 detector. All you have to do is read the Oct. issue to find the ans. for the contest.

Seeker in Alaska was talking about his F-75 that he had put a wireless headphone on it but didn't say any more. I think this was on Bill's forum in the coin forum. He got the wireless form Radio Shack and the item # is rs 33-1253. The cost is 59.99 plus you will need a 1/4 in. jack with a 1/8 in.piggie back on it.The jack on the transmitter that plugs in into detector is 1/8 in. stereo. It comes with a Y charger so you can charge the headphones and transmitter at the same time.

I remember when I got my Whites 66 TR I drill a hole in the top of the box to put A 1/8 in. jack for a headphone. This had to be around 71 are 72 so I may have been the first with headphones for a detector.

CHuck Anders

PS Ans. for contest Static All-Metal, Motion All-Metal and Motion Discrimination.

Don't tell anyone that I told you the ans. :rolleyes:

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