The Odd Couple

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post-549-1191256689_thumb.jpgpost-549-1191256725_thumb.jpgIn the day of 66 TR I hunted with this guy that could not talk are hear. Now to go all day and not say a word is a hard thing to do.He would keep this eye on the meter of the detector so he'd know if he detected something.He wouldn't let me write anything down I had to get it over to him by hand signs.

No I didn't find the axe above but my friend did and he gave it to me because it's got a double A near the top.

One time he went to Big Bend State Park hunting with his metal detector and to hunt in a state park in Texas is a NO NO. Well the park rangers got him and they were talking to him so they had to write it out telling him he can't hunt here. He's standing there with alot of coins in his pocket already and thens writes them a note back saying he didn't know.

He had this stationwagon he would open the back door and throw his detector in bouncing all over.Being he couldn't hear he thought nothing of it.

One thing about this old boy he didn't let anything stop him from coin hunting.

Chuck Anders

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