Anyone using Garrett's GTI 2500?

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I was wondering if anyone out there is using the GTI 2500 for gold prospecting and if so, what kind of performance and or luck they have had with it? I see by reading most of the posts in this forum, that most all of you use ML and barely a mention of any other detector brand. I plan on taking a month or 6 weeks and heading to the southwest with my Polaris Sportsman 700 and all my gear in the back of my pickup and get to some really remote areas to nugget shoot. You know, where most people can't get to by truck alone. I hate crowds! :angry:

As soon as the threat of snow is past, I will be heading out. I plow snow here in Kansas during the winter months so hopefully I'll be heading out in a week or 2. And also, anyone interested in joining me, feel free to email me. The only requirement is your own gear, an ATV, and what ever else you want to bring. I can go to any location and have nothing but time on my hands.

Thank You in advance for any comments or suggestions.

Rod C

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Rod C

Most coin detectors won't find gold but a few will.Minelab X70 with the right coil can and Whites MXT can.If you are going to nugget hunt and you have the buck's buy a gold detector but if not the X70 is a good buy.

One time in New Mexico a guy had a Bounty Hunter and the dealer said he could find gold with it. I put a 2gram nugget on the ground and he ran his coil over it but his detector never knew it was there.

Why don't you give Rob a call and talk with him what will be best for you.

You don't want to make a long trip and can't use your detector.

The Best To You!

Chuck Anders

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The GTI 2500 is a solid performer for finding coins and relics, however when you get it into the goldfields it has a lot of difficulty handing the mineralized ground (yes even with the optional DD coils). I made the mistake of buying one when I first started I soon realized it's better to get something specifically designed for finding nuggets.

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