One from the Rust Patch

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Yo All...Enjoying this awesome AZ weather, I got out to an LSD spot Friday PM where the ground is nearly covered with little bits of rust...Rust everywhere...Every swing of my 14" NF E Mono passed over a couple of signals...But it was nice flat ground and the weeds were but sprouts, so it was as comfortable a spot to beep as can be found out there now...The whole area was worked heavily by the old timers and reworked in some areas more recently...Experience has taught me that if you persist and dig every target in areas like this, eventually one will be gold...After a couple of hours and probably a hundred dug targets, my theory proved right and I was rewarded with this nice little .4 gram nuggster...Not much but it's gold ...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Yo Bob...The three pence silver coin was in a bag of older silver coins my Dad left me...There's some really cool ones... There's a 1900 V Nickel that's in really good shape and quite a few merc's and other silvers...You been diggin' any gold over around the Q.? Cheers, Ron

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Haven't been out as much as I would like.

A lot of the crowd is gone now so it gives me a bit more room to roam. Did get out the other day and popped a couple.

Went back to an old patch that I haven't been to in a couple of years. Really takes some doing just to get there.

The two that I found were really super rough, couldn't have traveled but a very short distance. Tried my best to find the vein but alas!!! But then again it may be long gone.

Was using the 14" CT mono that I got from Rob. They were only 3 or 4 inch's deep. Going to go back and try it again, soon.

Bob T.

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