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On the news last night, they cought two guys in a gold mine near Snelling, the property owner called the Sheriff and they could not locate the guys, after a bit one was seen tring to run out of a gold mine, a while later they went in with lights, and got the other guy, they were hygrading and had picks ,shovels and they said they had about a $1000.00 in gold nuggets they had dug out of the mine. There both in jail now, if they had not run from the cops, it would have been a simple trespassing ticket. Now there in jail for grand theft. Grubstake

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Wow, I was just out there and visit that area often. It makes ya feel good though. In these days of Gold values , higrading and claim jumpers. Its about damn time.

Our claims up above the Feather, get hit all the time, despite efforts. Usually garbage and mild pick and shovel activity. Some stolen PVC pipe, and lumber.

One of my best firends is a DFG agent up there (Quincy) and, its been rampant.

Some counties don't actively pursue Claim jumpers, or hi-graders.

Grand-theft is a start.

140 years ago things would've beeen different. ;)

Good story.

Cheers , john

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Hi all,

Too bad they don't have a good sheriff like that up in Boise

County in Idaho, to catch those higrading sob's :spank: that have

been pillaging a friends claim there.

They even put up a cable across the access road, so no one

can get up to the claim.

More news at 5...


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Yes, well what the news said, is the sheriff was called out for a trespassing charge, but when they got there, one of the guys tried to run, out of the mine, that when they made there mistake. It could have just been a misameaner charge, for trespassing. Most usally, they just warn you the first time, but these guy messed up big time, now there doing time. will be interesting, to see how it plays in court. Grubstake

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Grubby, years ago I cought two different high graders working right next to 12" X 24' painted signs nailed to trees :angry2: ... and yes I was packing a .357 on my hip... made em dump everything back into the creek, took their pictures and flat told them to not return to my claim. Wish I had a cellphone back then that would have been able to get a call out to the Sherrif.

Greed is greed and high grading is illegal!


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