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Well I got back out to that ranch today hopping to find more gold or silver. I realy went out to find the source of all the quarts. That creek is full of every color of quarts you can immagine white, rose, smoke, yellow and blue. I followed the creek all the way to the fence line where I found somebodies dredging area. It looked like bedrock was 3 or 4 feet down. I went back to my truck and I tryed to follow one of the feeder creeks all the way to its begining. I realy need a quad, but my tank did ok. ;) I found lots of quarts and black sand I even got a good signal in one of the quarts vanes. I am not sure what I got out of it but I know its not gold. The 3 little bits were down about 6 inches in that fractured quarts. The day wasnt a total wash I did manage to find some old bullets and 22 hulls and one perfect arrow head. :D









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Hello Todd,,,Here to in Minnesota, I find lots of bullets, wire, nickels,pennies, in places like how did that get there. I have timber wolves watching me 15-20 yards away when I am digging, knowing now I should watch my back...Instead of just listening to my head phones...I also find sum kind of metal usually small, I think it is nickel, or raw steal, still didnot figure it out yet...Thats the fun, and the excitment, you never know what next you will find thats why I go out...I can go where a lot of people do things and find alll the coins I want, But most people have a nice machine so they goafter the harder targets...This hobby can make you sum money,,,if I decide what I want to go after and find and just stay with it...I always find sum thing that I do not know what it is,,,or worth...thats the fun for me...sooner or later I wll find sum yellow stuff,,,but I see over here that gold is mixed with native copper, so it redishorangeyellow gold over here...Can't wait to find a nice piece of it ,,,see it on the net looks beautiful...Probably worth more...Always finding something else out about gold...Bob...Oh Yea,,,I have to look out for bear lots here, Male Moose,,these moose are crazy,,,they charge everything...Even when you trying to go goose hunting...Like they say its tough in Alaska, but in Minnesota its easy...Like it doesn't get 30-40 below here...Thats why I am trying too move out...

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