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Hello All,

Many are starting new posts when their Coiltek stories for the FREE Searchcoil Giveaway Contest. That is fine, but I ask you all to please post the story also under the "Hot Topic" thread at the very top of the forum. I just don't want some of the posts to disappear and not get entered into the contest. If you would, please post your story again (copy if you need to).

Also, it don't matter if you only found one nugget or a thousand nuggets, we want to hear your story! A matter of fact, it don't even have to be a gold nugget, maybe a story about a meteorite discovery or your best coil/relic that was found with a Minelab metal detector and Coiltek searchcoil.

P.S. I will be testing the new coils this weekend. ;)


Rob Allison

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Hey to all...

It is fantastic to read these well written and interesting stories. They make you feel right there when the colour was unearthed!

I agree Rob. I think some of the other targets found out there can be just as interesting. So please post them too.

I think we will also have to do this for the Coin and Relic hunters out there aswell! I reckon a new 15" All terrain WOT coil for the next comp. We make those coils for the Explorers/Quattro, Sovereigns, Musketeers and the XT series so there are plenty of detector types we can supply for.

We are currently working on some prototypes for the new Coin and Relic series of coils so there are many new things to come.

Thanks again to all and keep em coming....


Trev @ CTM

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