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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Doc, Trevor and Rob,

We got the new 18" round Goldstalker coil today, plus we ordered a 16" round Goldstalker plus some other goodies! :blush: Thanks Doc! The new design looks and feels great, I can't wait to hunt with them. I can see it now... me spankin little Bro :spank: with my new 18" round Goldstalker! :rolleyes:

Thanks again Trevor and Doc for sponsoring the great contest and Rob for hosting it!!!

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Doc/ Trevor/ Rob,

My thanks to all of you as well for sponsoring the contest. I received my package today with my new 16" Goldstalker round mono and a few other things that I ordered. I can't wait to get some time in on the new coil. I hope to be reporting back with some good results. Right when I think it is going to cool off in NorCal it is forecasted to be mid nineties. One thing I already like about the new Goldstalker series of coils is that the coil is molded so that the skid plate fits perfectly. This allows the outside edge and the inside of the open spoke to be easily taped with coil tape. A small thing that makes a big difference. Thanks again and take care.



PS Trevor keep and eye out for an email from me with my story and pics.

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