greetings from venezuela

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Hi, my name is Marcos Roberto Munoz

My age 27 years.

greetings to all users of Gold detectors that make life here, especially the host, I am writing from venezuela. In principle I want to tell you that I own an 4000 gpx Minelab which is equipped with two batteries, the coil 11 "DD, a coil 8" monoloop comannder and I recently purchased (the store of detecting Doc, in USA) a coil 18.5 "x 12 "coiltek goldstalker. While here in Australia is very difficult to acquire a detector because there is no authorized agent Minelab, I want to tell you that there's a lot of detectors minelab ranging from 18,000 up to the powerful old and new gpx 4500.

Here in my country detectors are not used in a recreational or hobby. are used as a purely commercial activity which is highly profitable for some and for others very frustrating.

I am an industrial engineer and working in a company's basic condition, I use my detector as a hobby which is very rewarding and fun compañeero my adventure is my father and I got the detector since last March (what to buy with little use A citizen USA, here in venezuela).

Specifically, I live in the town of Tumeremo, Bolivar state, south of venezuela about 450 kilometers from the border with Brazil. I live in the area consists of mountains (an area of approximately 30,000 km2) throughout this region there are countless villages and gold mining areas where work is the puequeña artisanal mining of alluvial and beta, but also works to the mining of gold scale industry where several companies operate transnational capital Canadian, Russian, Chinese and the Venezuelan state.

Throughout this region is enough work that used gold detector, in the few months I have been using my detector and just leave some weekends (not that it sends to repair a Minelab, Usa, Las vegas because it had problems with the button ON / OF alli and hard about 5 weeks) I've managed to find about 4 ounces of gold.

I believe that there are interesting times that in these mountains and jungle areas detectors able to get some virgin site somewhere where there are alluvial gold, in a very short time the voice spreads like Ripple and in a few weeks are dozens of gold miners, equipped with detectors, who come to this area to look for gold to exploit it in a commercial because it is practically their source of work. they also People who have no working detector and digging with hand tools such as picks and shovels, the excavated material is spread on the floor and someone passes his detector detectors and retrieves the gold (only by the owner of this detector collects about 25% of weight Gold recovered). and hundreds of people working in this way. When an event happens like this (he is known as a "bulla of gold") is a veritable gold rush.

I am currently working on the company and my father the day yesterday with five companions went to an area where more precisely from about 3 weeks ago there was a "gold bulla," carries my dear gpx 4000, we hear rumors that people have found nuggets that range from 0.2 grams to 2.1 Kg.

This area is where my father is distant. since the town is 3 hours on a path where entrincado only be accessed with pontentes rustic 4x4 vehicles, then had to walk about 6 hours by road from dense mountain. Luckily for my father.

thank you for your attention. Soon take photos and share them with you.

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  • Admin

Hello Marcos,

I would first like to welcome you to the Forums! ;)

Very interesting story and hope to see some pictures in the near future. You're going to love the new Coiltek Goldstalker 18.5-inch elliptical Mono. This has become one of my favorite coils since it's so freaking lightweight, great sensitivity to small gold and still gets great depth (even on small gold).

Wow ... 2.1Kg's? :huh:

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob, thanks for the welcome to the forums. and as I told you my father was from last Thursday (24 septiembtre) to the site where the "gold bulla." before the party had heard rumors that at that site, people have found nuggets of all sizes, from everything I hear, the more llamtivo was that someone had found a nugget of 2.1 Kg.

when I get my parents will be able to confirm whether all these rumors are true.

With respect to the coil Coiltek Goldstalker want to tell you that since the probe and not find nuggets, I'll stay a pleasant sensation that is a powerful coil.

Post data: Excuse my poor English reading. I only speak and write Spanish. I do the translation with the translator of google.

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hello greetings to all, especially those who have left their comments on my publication ......... as I had told my father was the day last Thursday (Sept. 25) for an area where there was a "golden racket," according to the rumors we had heard at that site many people were finding nuggets.

My father came to the site and started working since Friday, but with so unlucky to be sick because of the poor state of water consumed, the water came from a nearby stream, but due to the large number of miners attracted by the frenzy of the gold rush the water was heavily contaminated.

My father told me that there are hundreds of people working on this "bulla of gold" in a very small area and all work by hand digging with picks and shovels and spreading the material removed and passed the detector to recover the gold there.

My father could only work two days and achievement 2 grams of gold.

The interesting thing is that everyone working with frenzy in a small area. and all the surroundings have not tracked with the detectors. that is why I think there is great potential for finding other patches as productive as those currently are working on hundreds of small miners.

I send you some pictures of the nuggets that achievement regain my father.

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