Barely kept the streak going!

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Hi All, this weekend I barely kept my streak going, three straight days of hunting yielded me nothing but bullets, brass, and trash. However I ended up taking Monday off (Doctors appointment) so I was able to squeeze in a half day before leaving the goldfields for the week. About twenty minutes before my departure time I got a nice faint repeatable signal that I could tell had a little bit of depth to it. After digging 8"-9" down in a hardened clay layer (had to break out my Estwing Paleo Pick) I snagged this nice little 0.6 gram nugget-

It's small, but even a small piece of gold makes the trip worth it. I'm glad I decided to make Monday a half day hunt because I didn't head home with nothing from the weekend and I'm grateful for that!


Also came across a nice looking Tarantula who didn't mind posing for some pictures-


For some strange reason the big spiders don't bother me, it's always nice to see a little bit of wildlife on trips.

Boy some weekends it seems like you are on it and the nuggets come easy, where as other weekends it seems that you work your butt off for the smallest bit of gold (if you're lucky). I can honestly say I worked my fanny off for this one. I guess that's just the nature of the game because if hunting nuggets was easy everybody and their Grandma would be doing it now wouldn't they?!



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Thanks for the posts guys, I found it with my SD2100 equiped with an 11" coil again.This past weekend I was swinging around a 14" mono coil for a little bit, but then I ended up putting the 11" coil back on. I did fire up my 4000 for a little bit and I started to figure out the equivalent SD2100 settings on it, but I had to go back to whats been producing. What can you say, when you find a combination that works well it's hard to go to something else.


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